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I'm not falling for it!

Posted on: January 11, 2010 9:51 am

Ok, so Romo is now playing great ball and Phillips has made a believer of Jerry Jones.  I'm not falling for it!  Too many times have we seen a mediocre team come of age and all the stars align to create an out of no where Super Bowl Champion.  I understand the Cowboys have not even made it to the Super Bowl but all indications are that there is no one that will slow them down.  With that said, does this latest success mean the draught is over and a dynasty is hatching?  Again, I'm not falling for it!

If a Super Bowl run signified the problems of the past were remedied and a bright future lay ahead, then someone forgot to mention that fact to Baltimore (Trent Dilfer), Tampa Bay (What was his name?) and the last 49er team to win a Superbowl.  Speaking of Steve Young and the 49ers, wasn't there a reference made by Young about getting the Monkey off his back?  If memory serves me, the 49ers have not sniffed the Super Bowl since.

No NFL world, I am not buying for a minute that the Cowboys are headed towards years of bliss.  I am not buying that we will see Patriots, Rams or Broncos type runs year after year with Romo and Phillips.  I am not buying that next year will follow with another successful season and I am not buying that fans of the Boys would not rejoice seeing Cowher parade in with the likes of Bradford in tow!  I will buy however, that this late season run is fun to watch and exciting but I will not buy that it defines the true identity of this team for the duration.  Enjoy it for the time it is here, because I have a feeling late next year, Jerry won't be buying it either.

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